iPhone 4 Worth: Are iPhone 4 Parts Worth its Price?

If you want to buy or sell iPhone 4, you are most likely interested in knowing the iPhone 4 worth. Basically, the worth of an iPhone 4 is determined by several factors but you can consider the most valuable parts of this device before you purchase or sell it. The display of an iPhone 4 is the most costly part of it. An iPhone 4 with a storage capacity of 16 GB costs around $187.51. However, this price varies depending on where you buy your device and when you buy it.

The most prominent feature

Being the most expensive part of an iPhone 4, the display of this device is the most prominent feature. The new display of this device is worth about $28.50. However, it varies depending on the supplier too. If you want your device to have a glass capacitive for the touch screen, you can part with an extra $10.

Flash memory

The worth of an iPhone 4 is further increased by the flash memory. This is worth up to $27 and it is followed by SDRAM at $13.80. These are some of the aspects of this design that increases the worth of this device.


While producing iPhone 4, Apple changed the design of the body of its iPhones. It opted to use different pieces instead of a uni-body design. This enabled Apple to include the larger battery in iPhone 4 while integrating antenna into the exterior of iPhone 4. The device has an outer enclosure that serves as its physical antenna. Designing this metal housing must have been a tough task as well as to manufacture the phone. This is because the pieces of the antennae require insulation from the other parts and remain rigid around its perimeter. This adds to the cost and complexity of the device. Nevertheless, every cubic millimeter of iPhone 4 is used elegantly by the device for function and form.

Business model

Perhaps, the worth of iPhone 4 is enhanced by its business model. With this device, Apple maintained a business model and this increased its cost. With iPhone 4, Apple seems to have throw electronics playbook away to reach new heights in regards to industrial design. It also has better user interface and electronics integration. Nevertheless, the cost of materials of this generation model is aligned with the previous iPhones closely. This has made it possible for iPhone to maintain its current pricing.

Used iPhone 4 value

If you want to sell a used iPhone 4, you most likely want to know its value or worth to set a reasonable price for your device. A 16GB iPhone 4 is worth between $140 and $200. An 8GB iPhone 4 is worth between $50 and $190. The worth of a used iPhone is determined by several factors including the carrier, lock status of the iPhone as well as its overall condition.

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